Project Info


Located in San Diego, the narrow lot (25’x135’) sits aside as large cubic, commercial structure to the east. To the west, the property overlooks residential homes as it cast views to the Pacific Ocean and Windansea. Windansea, primarily know to locals and surfers, is a small reef break off the shores of La Jolla. The area has grown over the years to become a small affluent area of San Diego and an underground hang out for surfers along the coast. 

Desiring to maximize the small site, the client requested to have their primary residence, a small rental unit, and a space for their home office. The plan is divided vertically into two basic areas. The rear of the structure contains the parking with the rental unit above and the front contains the primary residence with a small office space off the street. The primary residence is reverse living with the living spaces on the upper floor to capitalize on the scenic views. The phenomena of the geography and typology become the essence to the true context and specific energy of which the site resides. The form is derived from a series geometric subtractions and warping of the basic building block while maintaining a dialog with the amphibious nature of the site. The building strives for an intrinsic cohesion to its presence in the phenomena of the site and the hidden nature of its own setting, its views to the ocean & surrounding geography, and the dynamic activity, scenery, and a culture that has made the California coast famous.